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FAQ Medical Concierge Program

A Lifestyle Concierge program is designed to help patients take control of their own health. Some questions that patients may have.

  1. Does my doctor still take my insurance?
    Yes. We do take most commercial insurances and we do participate with Medicare. We will bill your insurance as usual for your covered medical care. You will also, as before, be responsible for your deductibles and copays.
  2. Is this program covered by insurance?
    No. The fee for this program is for non- covered, non-medical services only (eg. Private phone line, emailing with your doctor and staff, extending office visit times, easy access to staff and doctors with excellent customer service).
  3. Why should I pay for this when I already pay for health insurance?
    The current healthcare model is unsustainable and does not allow for unhurried appointments and a more personal partnership with your doctor. This can only be done with a concierge style practice.
  4. Can I make installment payments for the Lifestyle Medicine Program?
    Yes. Several payment plans are available including a monthly payment arrangement. We accept check and credit card payments.
  5. Is the fee tax-deductible?  May I use my Health Savings Account for the fees?
    We recommend that you discuss this with your tax advisor or the administrator of your HSA.




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