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Concierge Medicine Benefits

For an annual fee of $1500.00, our program offers many conveniences and concierge services that we are able to provide by limiting the size of our panel of patients.  These non-covered, non-medical services include:

  1. On time, unhurried appointments throughout the year. 
  2. Added time to all non-urgent follow-up office visits and to your yearly preventive medicine physical exam.
  3. Physician Phone Hours: 7:30-9 am and 5-6 pm Monday-Friday when you can call and speak directly to your doctor directly on her cell phone.
  4. A private phone line connecting you directly to our Lifestyle Medicine staff so that your calls will be answered promptly and efficiently throughout the day.
  5. E-mailing directly with your doctor for non-urgent issues.
  6. E-mailing directly with our staff for non-urgent issues.
  7. Hospital social visits at The University of Princeton Medical Center during the week if you are admitted to the hospital for an extended stay. This will allow us to stay better connected with you and your doctors during your hospitalization.
  8. Optional Lifestyle Medicine consulting to customize your own Lifestyle Medicine program.  Ongoing lifestyle coaching will be provided at your follow-up office visits and via email if desired.
  9. In-office laboratory testing for your convenience.
  10. A higher level of collaboration on your behalf with specialists and other caregivers.
  11. Weekly drop- in visits for Blood Pressure or weight checks (if applicable).

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