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Reasons to Quit Smoking

Certainly, there can be no one in 2016 who isn't aware that smoking is bad for your health. Quitting is the #1 thing you can do to take control of your health. We all know that, but HOW can you quit?

That's where Lifestyle Medicine comes in. Our physicians can help you tailor a strategy for your own life change. We will offer advice, tactics, and coaching on how to make yourself smoke free.  Contact the practice to become a member of our Lifestyle Concierge Practice.

Here are a few reasons to quit you may want to consider:

Your Health and Appearance:

  • My chances of having cancer, heart attacks, heart disease, stroke, cataracts, and other diseases will go down
  • I will be less likely to get sick
  • I will breathe easier and cough less
  • My blood pressure will go down
  • My skin will look healthier, and I will look more youthful
  • My teeth and fingernails will not be stained

Although quitting will make you feel better and improve your health, there are other reasons to quit that you may not have considered:

Your Lifestyle:

  • I will have more money to spend
  • I can spend more time with family, catch up on work, or dive into my favorite hobby
  • I won't have to worry about when I can smoke next or where I can or can't smoke
  • My food will taste better
  • My clothes will smell better
  • My car‚ home‚ and kids won't smell like smoke
  • I will be able to smell food, flowers, and other things better

Your Loved Ones:

  • I will set a great example for my kids; it takes a lot of strength to quit
  • My friends, family, co-workers, and other loved ones will be proud of me
  • I will protect my friends and family from the dangers of secondhand smoke
  • My children will be healthier
  • I will have more energy to do the things I love with friends and family
  • I will get healthy to make sure I am around to share in my family's special moments

Make a list of all of the reasons you want to become Smokefree and keep it in a place where you will see it often, like your car or where you kept your cigarettes. When you feel the need to smoke, take a look at the list to remind yourself why you want to quit.


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